"A month and a half before Christmas 2019 my boyfriend and I began the hunt for a new family member and hunting partner. My search led us to Little Dixie and Debbie. From the moment I saw "Runner" now "Gunner" we knew he was destined to complete our family. Debbie patiently answered all of our questions and was thee at every turn to help us make this happen -- she even drove half of our trip to meet us in Ohio to hand deliver our guy to us. It was love at first site. In the short time it took us to drive him back to New Jersey we were hopelessly in love. Gunner has grown to be, not just the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, but is also remarkably brilliant and an incredible natural bird hunter. He runs tirelessly in the field for hours and melts us with his love and companionship at home. We couldn't be happier with him or our experience with Little Dixie Ranch. Thank you for breeding such an amazing creature! (And to his Brother Cody in New Jersey, we'd love to meet up with you!)"

~Wendy K.

December 16th, 2020

Past Pups

"Cody, a liver tri-color French Brittany male is now four months old. It was all in the time that he our way. We have had five French Brittanys since 1933 and lost our last male Monti on January 6th. Within days we knew that we could not be without another French Brittany. The search was on and on January 10th I found Cody on Harvey and Debbie's website and fell in love with his photos. Seven days later we drove 2,200 miles (round trip) to pick him. Upon seeing him he was even more beautiful than his pictures. Upon picking him up he started licking my face and there was no doubt that he was the one. Cody was basically crate trained when we got him at 9 weeks old and was house trained in no time at all, with no pooping in the house. He is one of the smartest dogs I have seen. Two weeks ago I started whoa training him when he exits his crate and again in two times he got the drift of things and you don't even have to say whoa when you open his crate door, as he waits for you to release him before he exits. He is fearless and investigates everything. He is also very affectionate and likes to be held and sleeps in my lap. He snuggles and sleeps with Gerrie on the couch and he can be a real suck up. He is friendly with everyone and everyone adores him. One neighbor labeled him the most beautiful dog on the block. I will keep you posted regarding his progress in the field. Harvey and Debbie are great people."

~Mike & Gerrie M., Bergenfield, New Jersey

March 19th, 2020

"LeDuke, the male puppy we received when he was 8 weeks old is now 7 1/2 months old. He was potty trained in 6 days after receiving him. He now obeys all of the following commands vocally, Whoo, Come, Stay and Set plus he heals when the leash is put on. His temperament is wonderful and we couldn't be anymore happier with him than he is right now. Not to mention he is a beautiful dog (complements adore by anyone that sees him). I know of people in our area that have seen him have contacted you for the possibility of purchase of a dog like him. My thanks again for having one of the smartest Brittany dogs that I have ever owned (can't wait to hunt him and he already points and holds the point until released and in addition he retrieves any thing I throw for him."

~Ron and Lanette H., Belfry Montana

July 9th, 2018

"Chip, a black and white male, had a great first hunting season: doves, sharptails, quail and pheasant. He has terrific prey drive but flips a switch when he comes in the house where he's happy to curl up on the sofa and watch football. I can't say enough good about Debbie and Harvey Griffitt. This is my first dog of this breed and they have been incredibly helpful and patient answering my questions. Sorry I didn't know about the EB breed and Little Dixie Kennel years ago."

~Charles R.

July 10th, 2018